Best Exfoliators: For Glowing Skin

If you’re not already a regular exfoliatoer junkie, then you need to jump on the skin scrubbing bandwagon asap because it could just be the reason behind why your skin isn’t looking as amazing as you’ve always wanted. I’m sure you’re familiar with  body scrubs, we tend to reach for them in the summer when we want our pins looking super smooth and feeling baby soft, or before applying our fake tan, so we’ve got an even, streak free bronze going on. But, scrubs are just as important for your face as they are for your bod because they’ve got a whole host of brightening and skin saving properties.

When you go for long periods of time without using a face scrub the dead skin cells build up on the top layer of your skin, which can leave it looking dull but also paves the way for more problems like black heads and spots – yuck! If you’re sitting there thinking, face scrubs are not or me, my skin is too sensitive or too dry, you’re wrong – everyone should be suing a scrub.

So, how often should I use an exfoliator, I hear you ask? Well the answer is actually only about once or twice a week, if you use a really abrasive scrub too often it can actually have a negative effect on your skin, especially if your face tends to be quite sensitive, it can leave you with a blotchy, red, sore complexion.

The best exfoliator for acne scars can essentially work like dermabrasion; tiny little cuts to the skins surface help trick the skin into speeding up its regeneration process, which can then help acne scars to heal, and for new healthy skin to form.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for a finer, less abrasive scrub and be careful not to scrub your skin too hard. Incoperate a scrub into your weekly routine and expect your best skin yet. Choose from one of our favourites, there’s something for everybody and every skin type! You’re welcome.