Best Dry Shampoo: 10 For Seriously Fresh Hair

With so many on the market, finding the best dry shampoo can be tricky. But once you find the perfect one, it really can make your life so much easier.

If you’re running late in the morning and don’t have time to wash your hair, if you’re on the go and your hair needs refreshing, or perhaps you don’t have ready access to a shower (camping comes to mind) – dry shampoo is your go-to product.

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How does dry shampoo work?  The formula soaks up any oil in your hair, which can then be brushed out, leaving it refreshed and volumised. It won’t remove actual dirt or dead skin, but it’s great for using between washes. It often has a light, fresh scent too, giving every swish of your locks a fragrant air.

When dry shampoo appeared in our lives a few years ago after hitting the big time, we thought all our prayers had been answered. And now that every hair brand in the land has a refreshing spray to offer us, they’ve been working hard to convince us theirs is best.

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If you think you can’t use dry shampoo, then you’re definitely wrong. The best dry shampoo for dark hair is specially formulated; these sprays have a touch of colour, so will blend in with your natural tones rather than leaving dodgy white marks. And it’s not just for brunettes; there’s a range of sprays for different colours and hair types.

We’ve picked out our top 10 products currently on the market, so have a browse of our gallery and save yourself some time and effort in the morning by investing in the best dry shampoo for you!