Best Conditioner: LOOK’s Top 10

On the hunt for the best conditioner? We can help!

Let’s face it, washing your hair and not using conditioner just doesn’t sit right, which shows how important it is to us in day to day life and why getting the right one makes all the difference! Using a small amount after shampooing helps smooth out any knots and kinks, leaving it much more manageable post-shower, easier to brush, and feeling soft and silky the next day, not to mention smelling great too…

Whether it’s one that’s soft and gentle, organic, great smelling, or with thickening properties, we’ve highlighted the best of the bunch, our all time faves which we’re loyal to when it comes to keeping our locks looking lush.

Don’t forget, only apply conditioner from where your hair band would sit in a low ponytail, down towards the ends of your hair. Placing it any higher will leave it looking greasy and needing another wash much sooner! It may be tempting to lather loads on, however it’s all about quality not quantity. Stick to the advice of a 50p size amount and really work the conditioner into the ends of your hair trying not to pull your fingers through it, which will just lead to pulling strands out and weakening your hair.

Massage the product into your ends specifically and even leave it for up to 1 minute to let it fully soak in before rinsing off. Don’t forget if you’ve got coloured hair to pick a conditioner created especially for just that which will keep it looking vibrant and fresh and will nourish any bleached or damaged areas, check out our post on shampoos for coloured hair to know where to start:

Best Shampoos For Coloured Hair

Check out our list to give your bathroom cabinet a refreshing new look and maybe you’ll find yourself a new favourite!

By Lia Jordan