Amazing Baby Changing Bags You Won’t Want To Stop Wearing

When it comes to climbing the burgeoning yummy mummy ranks, it can be hard to strike the perfect balance between practicality and looking good. We’re talking about the never-ending struggle between finding something that’ll appease all your motherly needs (is there still no such thing as sick-proof clothes?!), but will leave you looking super stylish at the same time. And while clothes are obviously very important, there’s something else that can make the world of difference – your baby changing bag.

Yep, it’s something every mother needs, whether they like to admit it or not. There’s portable roll-out mats to lie your baby on (when needs must, needs must!), bottle holders, bottle warmers and even wipe dispensers included, as well as the fact that they’re usually big enough to fit pretty much your whole life in (Mary Poppins who?). So, it’s not hard to understand why baby changing bags aren’t exactly the most attractive of arm candy on offer – at least until now, that is.

After scouring the high street, we’ve discovered a whole load of baby changing bags so tasteful you’d NEVER know they were actually holding your bubba’s dirty nappies. In fact, these ones are so good, we wish we could get away with wearing them without the baby.

Sleek leathers, croc prints, bucket shapes and chain straps all make for some serious could-be-designer handbags. The catch? They come without the hefty price tag. Sure enough, costing between £40 and £200, these baby changing bags are well worth the investment. Trust us, you’ll want to wear these well past your little one’s baby years…