Balayage: Celebrity Inspiration

We've got some of the best balayage heads in the biz to take to your hairdresser

Balayage hair has been around for a while, but it’s still staying a strong celebrity favourite. Everyone from Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen have sporting the colour, which is a more natural way to lighten your locks than the bog standard highlights we all used to love.


What Is Balayage?

So, what exactly is it? Balayage is hair highlighting that leaves your new tones looking naturally sunkissed and beautiful. Instead of the hairdresser colouring certain strands of your hair from root to tip, they pick out sections that would naturally lighten in the sun and paint them freehand, such as those around your face, in the mid-lengths and ends. And what’s more, you won’t get dodgy re-growth at the roots, as each dyed strand is painted from a quarter of the way down rather than from the root, so your bayalage style is guaranteed to look just as good 100 days after your treatment.


Balayage Vs Ombre

It can be quite hard to distinguish between balayage and ombre because both involve having lighter ends, darker roots and a blend somewhere in between. However, they are very different. With ombre your hairdresser will paint the dye onto the ends, or however high up you’d like the colour to start, but it will not be blended in the same way it is with balayage and you’ll be left with two distinctive tones, one dark and one light section. They are both equally low maintenance and easy to grow out, but the overall balayage look tends to have a more natural finish.


How Long Does It Take?

The treatment can take anywhere from an hour to 4, it entirely depends on the length, texture and thickness of your hair. Once you’ve been for a consultation you’ll have more of an idea what you can expect.


Where Can I Get Balayage Done?

There’s plenty of salons up and down the country who will transform your hair into glistening golden locks. Bellow are some of our tried and tested favourites, a few of whom are responsible for our colour.

  1. Windle & Moodie

  1. Seniz Alkan at Neville Salon

  1. Hershesons

  1. Hare & Bone

Rocking the yesterwaves trend. No muss, no fuss. #hareandbone #HAREtrend #yesterwave

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  1. Jo Hansford

Waves for the weekend 💁🏼✨ #johansfordsalon #johansfordstyle #wavyhair #balayage #mayfairsalon #ghdwand

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  1. Jack Howard

  1. Richard Ward

Gorgeous balayage transformation by @ryanhauxwell 😍 (📷: @chloepalmer22) #balayage #hair #richardward #chelsea #regram #smartbond

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  1. Hari’s

Now that you’re in the know about what you’re getting done and where to go, take some inspiration from our gallery of some of our favourite balayage beauties.

Don’t forget to print it out and take it with you.