Audrey Hepburn: Fashion Of A Hollywood Icon

We love looking at Audrey Hepburn’s fashion moments almost as much as we love watching her movies. The iconic actress is one of the 20th Century’s most celebrated style icons and our love affair with her signature wardrobe is still going strong.

But why do we love Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe so much? Well, it could have something to do with the elegant tailoring, or perhaps it’s the way she conquers the boy meets girl look with tomboy staples but still a touch of femininity? Whatever it is, Audrey is quite simply the Queen of gamine chic and we’ve been taking style inspo from her ever since the first time we caught Funny Face.

From her Breakfast At Tiffany’s LBD and tiara combo to her signature Breton top and Capri pants duo, this lady can do know wrong in our fashion book. Audrey kicked off her style assault early on in her career, becoming besties with designer Hubert de Givenchy, who advised her on her wardrobe (now that’s a BFF worth having). Making her mark in the fashion world with her breakout performance in Roman Holiday in 1953 (which she won an Oscar for), Audrey scored a fashion hit with her signature white shirt and midi skirt combos.

But it was Breakfast At Tiffany’s in 1961 that truly cemented her status as the ultimate fashion icon. Anyone who rocks a tiara in daylight is a fashion heroine in our world.Yep, Audrey shaped the fashion world more than anyone else we can think of, with the looks she rocked then, still in fashion now. Pretty cool, huh?

This girl wasn’t just about looking good though, as well as a timeless style icon, Audrey was a captivating actress, devoted mother and an International Ambassador for UNICEF. Well now you’re just showing off, Audrey.

So, what do you need to put together a Hepburn-approved look? Well, it’s simple really, stick to staples that have bundles of class – a Breton top, Capri pants, some signature flats, a chic white shirt and a timeless LBD, should do the trick.

Take a look at our gallery of Hepburn’s most iconic looks to brush up on the Queen of style’s looks – because everyone needs a splash of Hepburn in their wardrobe…