Best Party Heels: The Look Edit

Party heels have the capacity to make or break an outfit. Whether they’re the centerpiece of your outfit and everything else works around what you’re wearing on your feet, or you’re looking for a pair that will go with all of your party outfits but are still just as on-trend and fabulous as everything else you’re wearing, party heels are a very important part of autumn/winter shopping. As well as the way they look, there’s comfort to think about too- party heels don’t just need to last the whole night long, they need to be comfortable enough for you to dance the whole time, too. See? A lot to think about, isn’t there? To make matters worse, the amount of party heels on the high street right now is pretty over-whelming, so we’ve decided to do the hard work and pick the best pairs for you.

Black Party Heels

If you’re after a timeless pair that will go with all your party outfits, black is a no-brainer. Choose an amped-up pair in satin or with embroidery, or keep things plain and wear in the office, too.


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Sequin Party Heels

Going all out? Sequin party heels are the ultimate statement-maker, and you won’t even need to think about the rest of your outfit. Just keep things simple elsewhere to avoid looking more costume than couture.

Strappy Party Heels

Strappy party heels aren’t just for summer. If you like the style, opt for darker colours like black or red to take it into the party season.


There are plenty of styles to choose from, and while the high street has them all, they’re so affordable, you’ll be able to go on even more nights out than you thought. The party’s only just getting started.