10 Wonder Products To Combat Winter Skin

There’s so many things we love about winter; warm woolen mittens and bobble hats, buying a great coat to last the season, twinkling lights, peppermints, the promise of snow and, of course, Christmas. However, there is one thing we don’t love about it, and that’s the way it can impact on our skin. We spend all year trying to keep it in top condition – eating well, drinking tons of water, devotedly applying SPF – just for icy winter winds to come along and leave it dehydrated and flaky. The cold weather strips skin of its natural moistuising oils, with central heating doing exactly the same thing. And if your tight, itchy skin gets really inflamed, you can develop nasty patches of eczema – nobody wants that!

However, there are some things you can do to counteract the effects of winter. It may be tempting to spend your entire evening relaxing in a steaming bath, but try to wash using water that’s more lukewarm – it’ll help your skin retain its natural oils. This goes for washing your face and hands, too. It’s also really important that you keep your exfoliation routine up; moisture can’t get into your hands if the epidermis is clogged up with dead skin cells. Lips get a build up too; Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub banishes chaps, revealing soft lips beneath – the sweetie scent is a treat too. And when you’re outside, remember to wear gloves and a thick scarf.

What’s more, there’s plenty of lovely beauty brands who’ve created wonder products to save our skin during these chilly months. From rich moisturisers to nourishing lip balms, thick hand creams to soothing serums, there’s something to treat every ailment. So don’t go through winter suffering; check out our round up of the best saviour products. Whatever your beauty dilemma, we’ve got you covered…

Annie Quinton