Zoolander 2 Cameos: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return

Play Zoolander 2 Cameo Bingo With Us!

Does Zoolander 2 have the most celeb cameos in it ever? We reckon so. When we weren’t laughing or practicing our own Blue Steel impression, we were nudging our cinema companion and going “it’s Kate Moss! There’s Karlie Kloss!” much to the enjoyment* of our fellow movie watchers.

As well as the regular cast of Kristen Wiig (totally unrecognizable as a plastic surgery obsessed designer), Will Ferrell’s Mugatu and, of course, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, there was also a gazillion A-Listers popping up either playing themselves or various very odd parts. Penelope Cruz and Justin Theroux also star. Yep, we told you it was jam-packed with celebs.

Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell


Watch it this weekend and see how many you can count. We managed 37 but didn’t see Kim Kardashian, Kanye or Macauley Caulkin who were rumoured to appear. Did you spot them? Or did we miss any more? Let us know!

*they hated us

There’s more to life than being ridiculously, ridiculously good looking as these celeb cameos proved… (WARNING: some small spoilers)

Benedict Cumberbatch… playing All, the new supermodel who’s ‘so hot right now’

Joe Jonas… we spotted him sitting FROW

Ariana Grande… we won’t spoil anything but Ariana is getting up to something very naughty

Justin Bieber… perhaps the most famous cameo, Justin is murdered right at the start. Cue ‘everyone wants to kill The Biebs jokes’ (presumably from people who haven’t heard Purpose)

Demi Lovato… On screen only, blink and you’ll miss her

Usher… pulling a very good Blue Steel

Kiefer Sutherland… The 24 actor pops up in a most unexpected part

John Malkovich… keep your eyes peeled for him in the prison scene

Katy Perry… the singer had hinted she would be appearing in an Instagram post

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Kate Moss… but of course fashion royalty had to appear

Neil DeGrasse Tyson… America’s biggest stargazer makes an appearance

Sting… you’ll never guess who he’s playing

Zoolander 2 Cameos: Mugatu returns Zoolander 2 Cameos: Mugatu returns


Anna Wintour… offering her verdict on Mugatu’s designs

Mika… playing a hairdresser

Lewis Hamilton… rocking the FROW, as per

MC Hammer… in one of the best jokes of the film

Tommy Hilfiger… the fashion designer plays a pretty big role

Susan Boyle… more famous than Derek and Hansel in this new world

Marc Jacobs… “Marc… By Marc Jacobs”

Alexander Wang… Joins his designer pals

Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales… The US newsreaders keep us updated on what Hansel and Derek have been up to

Skrillex… playing a DJ. Shockingly.

Madonna… The smallest of parts, but we imagine she’s been very busy

The Fat Jewish… From Instagram to the big screen, our fave funny man is in the background

Valentino… another fashion designer to appear

Karlie Kloss… the model shows up as Eve with…

Alexander Skarsgard… as her Adam

Susan Sarandon… as you have never seen her before

Jourdan Dunn… the model gets to add / actress to her job title with her role

Willie Nelson … the country legend has an encounter with a hippo

Naomi Campbell… doing what she does best

Fred Armison… in his creepiest role yet

Olivia Munn… FROW with Lewis Hamilton

Billy Zane… back playing himself

A$AP Rocky… rap, rap, rapping