Zoella Is Being Celebrated On Twitter Today In A Big Way

Zoella is celebrating six years of being a YouTuber today, and the congratulations have been pouring in on Twitter all morning.

She’s come a long way since her very first vlog, and over the past six years has dished more make-up tutorials, high street hauls, tips and advice and super cute Instagram pics of her and boyfriend Alfie than we can shake a stick at

Zoella’s now got 3.97 million Twitter followers, and one of the biggest fan bases of ANY blogger. Not bad going… A very well deserved #6YearsOfZoella hashtag, we say.


And it’s not as if this year has been a walk in the park for the 35-year-old, either.

After what Zoe herself branded the ‘Zoella witch hunt’ earlier this year’, the YouTube sensation was forced to take to Twitter to hit back at rumours surrounding ghostwriting. 

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It seems that other bloggers in the online community had been spreading some particular nastiness surrounding the notion that Zoe has hired a team of writers to produce content for her newly relaunched blog (which is pretty gorgeous, FYI), without telling her fans. 

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The 25-year-old has become known for her sunshine and rainbows attitude to life, so her response just shows how much these hateful comments must have been getting to her. 

Tweeting out to her 3.88 million loyal fans, Zoe started the day by saying: ‘Oh and just for the record, I write all my own blog posts & put a lot of effort into them. Thanks to the bloggers who didn’t join in on the…

‘”Zoella witch hunt”. Appreciate it. Im going to go and write my blog now…’

She ended her follow up tweet with a wink emoji face. THE SASS.


Way to shut down those hateful rumours, ZozeeBo.

She then finished her rant with a reflective statement: ‘The blogging community is so disheartening sometimes. It’s such a shame because it’s such a good platform full of opportunity & positivity’.

Many of her blogger BFFs rallied around her in support, with Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter trying to cheer her up by saying: ‘Well this is awkward. I’d bought you a witch hat and green nail polish. Soz.’

Fleur de Force also pointed out: ‘this whole think smacks of jealously and bitterness Zoe – it actually made me laugh cos it’s so blatant!’

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Chin up, Zo.