Fans Are A Little Confused Over Vlogger Zoella’s Baby Post

What did this mean?

Could there be a vlogger baby on the way?!

Fans of Zoe ‘Zoella’ Suggs thought there might be this week, when she posted THIS on her social media: ‘Me & Alfie talking about water birth. Me: Do you know why they need a sieve? Alfie: To catch the baby?’

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Of course, followers of the 27-year-old immediately began speculating as to why she and boyfriend Alfie Deyes (also a famous blogger) were talking about birth plans…

One asked: ‘My question is why are you guys talking about birth unless SOMEONE is pregnant,’ while others wrote: ‘Why were you talking about water birth?’ and: ‘Is this your sneaky version of a pregnancy announcement?’

Hmm. Despite both internet stars being active on social media since the rumours spread, neither have commented on the pregnancy speculation.

However, this isn’t the first time that the couple have provoked these kind of suspicions. Fans were previously quick to interrogate Zoella when she Tweeted about ‘craving jelly’.

At the time, she laughed off the suggestions by responding: ‘My mentions right now! Can’t you crave something without being pregnant? No babies planned for 2017 guys!

‘You know when I actually do get pregnant I’m going to troll you all for 9 months then just walk into shot carrying a baby! CAN YOU IMAGINE!’

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So we’re sorry to disappoint, but we’re pretty sure the same is going to apply this time.

Luckily for Zoella, plenty jumped in to brush off the latest pregnancy rumours for her.

One fan Tweeted: ‘Love how you talk about water birth and everyone is like OMG you’re pregnant some people are a little to excited,’ while another joked: ‘Lol because apparently you can’t talk about pregnancy without being pregnant… [sic].’

While there’s no denying a Zalfie baby would be super-cute, we think we’ll hold off on the celebrations for now.

By Emily Jefferies