Zoella Has A Positive Message For Her Followers

Zoe Sugg, also known by her YouTube alias Zoella, prides herself on sharing positive and realistic messages with her fans.

Very responsible, considering she currently boasts over eight million subscribers to her channel, and over ten million followers across her other social media channels. 

She has very much become a role model for young girls, who tune in (clearly in their millions) to watch her and listen to her advice. 

The vlogger is promoting a normal and healthy message with her latest video



Rocking this amazing t-shirt, with the phrase ‘LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR CELERY’ emblazoned across the front, Zoe said: “I am wearing this today, which I absolutely love. It says ‘life is too short for celery’ which I believe is a very true statement.”


Gemandi.com Celery Sweater, £60


The 25-year-old has also recently sported a tee which carries the slogan: “DOES RUNNING OUT OF PIZZA COUNT AS CARDIO?” 

It’s great to see that a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude towards food is being promoted.

Who wants to live on celery? And who hasn’t scoffed an entire pizza? Exactly. 



We don’t know about you, but we’ll be bagging ourselves one of these celery sweats. 

In another of Zoella’s recent videos, she shared some snaps of herself as a teen, assuring fans that it can be a difficult and self-conscious time for everyone. 



She showed an old photograph of herself as a teenager, describing: “11, 12, 13 were definitely my awkward stages. I’d just had my braces, I’d started getting spots but I hadn’t even looked at make-up… Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, but you probably feel a little more insecure than normal when you’re going through that stage…”

You can watch the full video on Zoella’s channel. 

Zoella has also recently announced the news that she will be launching a new range of Tutti Frutti beauty products, as a follow-up to her hugely successful Superdrug range. It will be available from as early as the 6th July in store.

We’ll meet you there! 

By Laura Jane Turner

Images: Instagram: @Zozeebo / YouTube