Zoella Just Got Trolled In A Particularly Highbrow Way

When Zoella told her fans she was filming a Q&A yesterday, she probably didn’t quite expect the reaction she received.

The 26-year-old sent a Tweet to her 4.73 million followers, which simply read: ‘Filming a Q&A tomorrow, if you have a question, use #AskZoella.’

So far so simple, right?

> Zoella sent this Tweet to her fans yesterday


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But unfortunately for Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – some of the questions sent in weren’t, er, exactly what she had in mind.

Instead of asking her about vlogging, her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, her books or her beauty lines, she ended up being trolled in a very highbrow way.

> Zoella probably expected to be asked questions about her boyfriend Alfie Deyes


Yep. We’re talking University Challenge-style brainteasers.

One cheeky Tweeter wrote: ‘#AskZoella what’s your stand on the EU debate and the impact that brexit could have nationally and internationally?’

Another said: ‘Who’s your favourite Anglo-Saxon monarch?’



A particularly head-scratching message read: ‘#AskZoella Kaluza-Klein theory involves the space-time-matter theory, explain how the equations corroborate Einsteins theory on black holes.’

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Lolz. Sorry Zoe, but we have to admit it’s kinda funny…



And don’t worry, she still got plenty of other (serious) messages from her fans. In fact, the original Tweet has now been re-Tweeted almost 2,000 times and liked over 12,000 times.

#AskZoella also trended on Twitter, which only confirms just how popular she is.



Anyway, who’s to say she can’t answer those tricky questions, eh?!