Wait, How Much Is Zoella Actually Worth?

Be prepared to feel very underpaid…

Hanging out with your friends, perfecting your Instagram flatlays and getting sent designer clothes and make up by the bucketload – if someone told you that could be your job, you wouldn’t believe them.

But for British YouTuber Zoella, it’s a reality.

She may have started her career as a shy 19-year-old filming for fun from her bedroom in Wiltshire, but now with a best-selling book series, several beauty and homeware lines and a viral Instagram account under her belt, the 27-year-old is a household name, boasting 12 million YouTube subscribers and an Instagram following of 11.2 million.

But how much does she earn?

Whether it’s video tours of her and her partner Alfie’s new millionaire mansion, Instagram shots of her luxury holidays or the endless expensive presents – Alfie got Zoe a restored vintage car for their latest anniversary, it looks like Zoella’s doing alright in the finance department.

And the rumours are true, with the 27-year-old reportedly earning over £50,000 a month.

As a comparison – the average full-time female worker in the UK earns less than £30k a year.

But it’s hardly surprising that Zoella earns so much, considering the first in her Girl Online series broke records and overtook Fifty Shades of Grey and Harry Potter in sales – not to mention her YouTube reach.

According to CelebsNow, YouTubers earn on average £0.0007 per view on their videos, so with millions tuning into her channels each month, it’s unsurprising that she’s raking in the big bucks.

And according to Spears magazine, that amounts to a net worth of £2.5 million. Yes, that’s £2.5 million.

Be right back – off to cry.