Zoella Looks Like A Total Babe With Natural Make-Up For New Shoot

The YouTube sensation has also spoken out about the pressures of fame...

Okay. We think people need to give Zoella a break.

The YouTube sensation has graced the cover of Blogosphere magazine, and she looks absolutely stunning, obvs.

The 26-year-old, real name Zoe Sugg, stripped it back with very little make-up as she posed for a series of beautiful photographs for the publication.

Taking the 11th issue of the magazine, Zoe rocked a number of totally on-trend bralets, along with an oversized denim jacket that Kim Kardashian would be proud of.


Way to go, girl.

See: Zoella’s Calvin Klein Selfie Gets A Mixed Response On Social Media

You may remember that the vlogger caused quite a stir earlier in the year when she shared an innocent bedtime selfie with her Snapchat fans, which just so happened to showcase her Calvin Klein undies. Not that out of the ordinary considering she was chilling at home.

Sadly, though, many seemed to take issue with Zoe’s ‘new’ and more grown-up image. Guys, she’s a young woman and can do what she wants with her own body, ‘kay?

Opening up to the publication about these pressures surrounding her fame and the apparent responsibility as a role model, Zoe said, ‘A while back, I did have a bit of a time where everything was so difficult.

‘I felt like I was suffocated. Other creators saying that I wasn’t doing this, or I should be doing this… or press saying “you have young teen viewers”.

‘I was like yes, but I am also a 26-year old woman.’

We’re pleased to see that Zo’ has stuck by her words and rocked her body confidence at this new shoot. Now, we think that’s a pretty positive message to be sending young girls.

Keep it up, Zoe.