Zoella Has A Secret And The Internet Thinks It Knows

Zoella’s been busy working on something exciting. And social media seems to think it has guessed what it might be…

The entrepreneur has already launched a hugely successful beauty range, as well as publishing two novels. And now, she’s on the verge of announcing something new.

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If you’re a seasoned viewer of Zoe Sugg’s YouTube videos, you’ll know that homeware hauls are a favourite with her viewers.


In fact, the vlogging sensation happened to release one just this week, and it was met with a lot of praise. Comments included: ‘I love your homeware hauls’ and ‘I loved your homeware video so much I hope you do more like this’.

Well, if internet rumours are anything to go by, her fandom might be in luck, because word on the web is that she could be set to front her very own range of interior accessories.

Zoella’s house sure looks dreamy

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YouTube BFF Gabby, otherwise known as Velvet Gh0st, has already worked with high street moguls Primark on a gorgeous range of home buys. So could Zoella really be about to follow in her footsteps?

Zoe’s been tweeting hints for quite a while now, teasing at ‘exciting’ news and big meetings. She even took a delivery of a ‘secret package’ in one of her latest vlogs…



Zoella’s also shared some cryptic Snapchat pictures, which look an awful lot like a new product launch to us.

If she is about to launch herself into the world of homeware, we have a feeling we’d be adding EVERYTHING to our shopping basket. Because she sure seems to know her way around an Instagram-worthy cushion or two.

But whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out.

What do you think she’s been working on?