This Rumour About Zoella Is Really Pretty Disturbing

We’ve heard some weird stories about Zoella in our time, but this latest one just takes the biscuit.

For some reason, some of the 26-year-old’s fans are convinced that she’s, er, dead.

Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – is rumoured to have passed away in a car accident, although nobody’s exactly sure where this disturbing claim originated.

Fans wrote concerned messages on this photo of Zoella


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What we do know is that plenty of the YouTuber’s devoted followers are still convinced that they’ve lost their idol.

Comments on her latest Instagram selfie include: ‘Zoella i cant describe how much i love you. i am so sorry you were killed in that car accident,’ and: ‘zoella i love you. rip [sic].’

Zoella’s been Tweeting this morning


Crikey. This is despite the fact that Zoe has actually been active on her Twitter page this morning.

She wrote at 7.45am: ‘Just dreamt I was in strictly come dancing & was down to the last 3 but never knew what I was doing until the last minute. Stressful haha.’

But evidently, this wasn’t enough to persuade some of her most heartbroken viewers. Now they reckon someone’s HACKED her Twitter and Instagram pages. Um.

Zoella seems fine, guys


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One said: ‘Why the hell did Zoella have to die. Why the hell is this hacker liking photos on Instagram,’ while another wailed: ‘She died and she got hacked.’

Luckily, others are a little more sceptical.

Zoella’s viewers have been going a tad crazy


They’ve tried to reassure others by posting messages such as: ‘Guys stop spreading ridiculous rumours. She didn’t die. She’s on Twitter right now,’ and: ‘She literally tweeted 30mins ago. I can’t believe people would believe this.’

And as one pointed out: ‘People are really twisted if they think it’s funny to joke about death.’

We kinda agree with that one.