Zoella’s Photo Of A ‘Random Man’ Attracts Attention

Zoella may be the Queen of YouTube, but even she’s had the odd awkward moment online.

Unfortunately for the 25-year-old vlogger – real name Zoe Sugg – one of those awkward moments occurred yesterday.

It all started when Zoe shared a photo she’d taken of a man walking his dog on the beach with her Instagram followers. So far so innocent, right?

> Zoella posted this photo of a ‘random man’ to Instagram


She’d captioned the image: ‘I took this photo of a random man & his dog & other photos on the beach at sunset today! Click the link in my bio to give it a read. :).’

However, what Zoe failed to notice was that this man wasn’t quite as random as he first appeared. In fact, he was Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist Dave Gilmour. Ah.

> Yep. It was none other than Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour


She’d actually posted the snap almost two years ago, and since then her oversight had pretty much gone unnoticed.

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But Dave’s wife Polly Samson drew attention to the shot this week, when she Tweeted: ‘Daughter’s just drawn my attention to this “random man” on Zoella’s feed.’

> Dave Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson got *everyone* talking about the snap


Of course, this led to a bit of an online frenzy. And unfortunately for Zoe, some music fans felt the need to write some pretty unpleasant messages about her.

One said: ‘Generation YouTube is f*****,’ while another commented: ‘So stupid.’

> Zoella ended up attracting some negative attention


But Polly had a different opinion, adding: ‘To be fair #randomman had no idea who the #randomyoungthings were either. @Zoella LOVELY pic btw.’

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Ohers have also lent their support, with one message reading: ‘Everyone slating Zoella for not recognising David Gilmour when they couldn’t pick a YouTuber out of a lineup.’



TBH, the YouTube generation isn’t exactly Pink Floyd’s target audience.

And while this all hilarious, it’s also very sweet. We reckon Dave and Zoella should hook up for a proper photoshoot. Now THAT would break the internet.