Seriously, Why Are People So Fixated On Zoella’s Chest?

Guys, Zoella definitely hasn’t accidentally posted a naughty photo on Snapchat.

The 26-year-old shared a video of herself yesterday using a funny filter that, er, gets rid of your nose. TBH, it was pretty LOLs. And of course, that’s what most of her fans were focused on.

But unfortunately, one person couldn’t help looking a little further down the screen… to her chest. *Sigh*.

> Yep. Cheers for the arrow, mate


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Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – was wearing a scoop-neck stripy T-shirt in the clip. A teeny bit of her bra was visible, but we couldn’t really see much else.

However, this viewer had screenshotted the vid at a certain point and Tweeted: ‘@Zoella can see your nipple on your snapchat story.’

> Zoella hit back on Twitter


They’d even added a handy arrow and everything. Y’know, just in case we don’t know where nipples are located.

Zoe was quick to respond, writing: ‘That’s not my nipple,’ alongside a series of laugh-cry emojis.

But this nipple-watcher wasn’t about to back down, continuing: ‘What is it then if you zoom in on it, it looks like it lol.’



Being the polite lady she is, Zoe explained: ‘It’s just shadow! My bra sufficiently covers everything.’

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She then received the reply: ‘You sure?’ before he gave up and admitted: ‘My bad lol, sorry.’

We mean, it’s great that he apologised. But isn’t it just a little unfair that people are constantly trying to catch Zoe out?

Followers agreed, with Tweets including: ‘Sorry that you have to hide every piece of your body because of sexism,’ and: ‘Can people in general stop harassing Zoe she has boobs get over it.’



Another added: ‘Why does it matter if it is your nipple? Boys show theirs all the time.’

Yep. Good point.