This Throwback Photo Of Zoella And Charlotte Crosby Is Crazy

Zoe has shared a snap of herself with the Geordie Shore lady - and fans can't believe how much they've both changed over the years...

Zoella and Charlotte Crosby may seem like an unlikely combination, but as it turns out, they go way back.

The pair, both 26, were hanging out years ago – and now Zoella’s shared a Twitter snap to prove it.

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In the cute photo, vlogger Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – is rocking waist-length ombre locks, while Char is sporting a brunette look.

She’d captioned the image: ‘MAJOR THROWBACK @Charlottegshore ???.’

Gorge, huh?! Of course, fans were quick to comment on how much the ladies have changed.

Zoella is now sporting a shorter 'do

Zoella is now sporting a shorter ‘do

Tweets included: ‘OMG WHAT!! BOTH OF YOUR EYEBROW GAMES HAVE UPGRADED TO THE MAX LORD ??,’ OMG I literally remember when this first got posted!!! You both look so different woah,’ and: ‘Omg you both look so young???.’

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Even Charlotte seemed a little taken aback, writing: ‘OMG that was sooooooooo long ago! Look how much we have changed ??.’

Charlotte Crosby has been very honest about having surgery

Charlotte Crosby has been very honest about having surgery

But unfortunately for the Geordie Shore lady, she ended up receiving some less-than-pleasant messages about her changing look. *Sigh*.

Charlotte has been very open about the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone, admitting to having a nose job and lip fillers.

However, this led cruel trolls to write comments such as: ‘She was so much better before, natural,’ and: ‘More natural rather than fake,’ and: ‘Before tons of surgery.’


Um, how unfair? While we’re all for natural beauty here at LOOK (which Charlotte has in bucket loads), it’s completely up to her to decide what she does with her body.

Let’s just hope she ignored the trolls, eh? Looking hawt, lady! Then and now.