Take A Look Inside Zoella’s 26th Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was a very special day for Zoella… it was her 26th birthday!

Of course, the YouTuber celebrated with the #1 man in her life. Her boyfriend Alfie Deyes was on hand to help her ring in her new age. Aw.

> Zoella thanked her fans on Snapchat


Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – kicked off the occasion by posting a few make-up free photos and videos on Snapchat.

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She thanked her fans for their kind messages, calling them ‘the best’, before captioning an adorbs shot of Alfie, 22, nuzzling her neck: ‘And the best boyfriend.’



Zoe then continued her celebrations by joining Alfie’s sister Poppy and her boyfriend Sean OConnor for a birthday cream tea.

She showed us her impressive cake, which featured pastel icing, multicoloured sponge and meringe toppings. Um, INCREDIBLE.

> Zoella’s cake was quite something


Alfie seemed to agree, Tweeting: ‘Big love to @BrightonCakey for making @Zoella’s birthday cake so amazing!’

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And it looked like Alfie had got the theme just right. Coincidentally, Zoe ended up matching her sweet treat by donning a sweet printed shirt.



The pink design featured drawings of ice cream and milkshakes. How cute?!

Unfortunately for us, we won’t get to see what else Zoe got up to until fellow vlogger Alfie – who’s also known as Pointless Blog – uploads his daily vlog.

> Alfie Deyes made sure Zoella felt special on her big day


It seems as though he got a tad distracted by the festivities, first Tweeting: ‘Tonights vlog is going to be up late as I’m spending this evening celebrating Zoes birthday.’

He then wrote: ‘I haven’t got around to editing tonights daily vlog. I’ll upload two tomorrow! Easter & Birthday vlogs.’



We think viewers will let you off this once, Alfie!