Zoella Opens Up About Her ‘Internet Detox’ In Cornwall

Zoella knows exactly how to switch off from the world.

While the 25-year-old is a hugely successful vlogger, even she needs to get away from technology from time to time. And she did just that at the start of the month.

In a blog post entitled The Cornish Detox, she explained to fans yesterday: ‘A lot of people see January as the month for change, a new year, a new you.

> Zoella escaped the internet by taking a staycation


‘I’m not so much into that, but I do see it as a bit of a re-set button or similar to when you eventually decide to download that new software on your laptop instead of continuously pressing “Remind me tomorrow”.

‘I like to think back over the past year, note all the things I’m proud of and start thinking about the things I want to try and do in 2016.

‘I knew at the start of the year, after my intense December of uploads that I wanted a little time to reflect on me, my channel, my content and to have what I like to call a bit of an “internet detox” (basically not opening my laptop or looking at my phone too much).’

> Zoella got to enjoy some time with boyfriend Alfie Deyes


To make the most of this, Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – decided to take a trip to Cornwall with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes, his sister Poppy and her partner Sean.

As she says: ‘There’s certainly no better way to do that [detox] than to drive across the country for fields and sea.’

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> Zoella’s trip looked picture-perfect


The adventurous group headed out to tourist attractions such as Capris Bay beach, a seal sanctuary and the scenic town of Porthleven – and they clearly had a fantastic time.

Zoe continues: ‘Even though the weather wasn’t on our side the whole week, we made the absolute most of it whether that was listening to the rain hammer down above us in our pjs or playing a game of Mr & Mrs (Alfie & I lost).

‘I honestly think that for people who do spend a lot of time online regardless of whether it’s your job or not, it’s nice to feel disconnected for a while.

> Zoella has become to close to Alfie Deyes’ sister Poppy


‘It’s so easy to get lost in the world of social media and before you know it, you know what everyone has had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then followed everyone’s day via twitter & snapchat and not actually lived your own day.

‘I honestly shock myself with how much time I spend refreshing everything on my phone (check in your battery settings on your iPhone if you’re interested), so it’s nice to leave it alone for a while.

> Zoella wanted a little escape after Christmas


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‘I urge any of you to try it, you don’t need to drive 6 hours to Cornwall either, just good will power!’

We’re totally with you here, Zo.