Zoella Has Spoken Out About Her Advent Calendar Criticism

Zoella recently launched her own ’12 Days of Christmas’ advent calendar and, well, the internet had some feelings. While fans went into meltdown, some of their parents were less than impressed with the Christmas treat’s price tag.

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Said parents soon took to social media, slating the calendar’s £50 price as ‘disgusting’ and not good value for money.

In her most recent vlog, the YouTube sensation added a short statement at the end explaining that she had no involvement in the pricing of her calendar and that she also felt ‘let down’ its high price point.

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‘The calendar is something I’ve worked on for a year,’ she said. ‘I love the product, I am all about the creativity, I’m all about getting it from a design to a product.

‘Where my input ends is there; once that product is done and I am happy with it, the retailer can decide how much they sell that for. That’s completely out of my decision making, I don’t have the right to make those decisions,’ she said.

‘So it makes me so sad that a product that I loved and worked hard on … has left so many people so upset. I feel just as let down by this also.

‘I don’t want people to think that I’m sat at home counting fifty pounds every time someone buys this calendar, thinking that that was a conscious decision that I made to rip people off.

‘I’m really sorry that so many of you felt let down by this product, [and] I really hope that this clears that up for you.’

Skip to 33 minutes to watch Zoe’s statement in full.

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Boots has now dramatically reduced the price of the calendar from £50 to £25.

‘We are sorry to hear that the price of the Zoella 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar has disappointed a number of customers,’ a spokesperson for Boots has said, reports The Telegraph.

‘We always listen to feedback. We will be offering the product at half price during our Christmas promotion, where the calendar will be on sale for £25 from Thursday November 16.

‘The Zoella Lifestyle advent calendar is full of 12 exclusive treats which are all clearly listed on boots.com and cannot be purchased separately.’

By Lucy Abbersteen