Zoella Gets Very Honest About Her Ups And Downs Of 2015

Zoella has opened up about her highs and lows of the past 12 months.

In a new blog post entitled Saying Goodbye To 2015, the 25-year-old gets honest about some of the more difficult things she had to deal with last year.

As you’re probably aware, Zoella faced a huge backlash when it was revealed that she’d had a little help writing her record-breaking debut novel Girl Online.

> Zoella quit the internet over her novel Girl Online


In fact, she received so many angry messages that she ended up briefly quitting the internet. Pretty unpleasant, right?

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Now Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – has confessed: ‘To be completely honest January was a really hard month for me.

> Zoella has admitted that January was ‘really hard’


‘It’s very devastating to work hard on something, and for it to be twisted beyond your control and to feel as though the only thing you can do is crawl into a hole rather than try and stand up for yourself and to watch everyone else turn on you.

‘It’s almost like it happened in slow motion and I spent a good portion of the first quarter of the year trying to find happiness online again.’ Oh, Zoe :(.

Another tough experience for Zoella was her work trip to Orlando in February. The pretty brunette has suffered from anxiety for a number of years, meaning her flight wasn’t the easiest.

> Zoella met fans in Orlando, Florida


She continues: ‘My anxiety seemed to have gone up a scale during the start of the year, and I was having to learn in ways I’d never learnt before in how to tackle it head on!

‘The flight was horrendous, and I returned feeling like I’d completely failed and told myself I would never get on a flight ever again because it just didn’t feel worth it.’

Happily, Zoella felt able to try flying again after having weekly sessions with her therapist. And it was definitely worth it – her summer break with boyfriend Alfie Deyes sounded ah-mazing.

> Zoella and Alfie Deyes enjoyed a trip to Greece


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‘The holiday itself was so lovely. You know those peaceful, tranquil places where you feel like you can completely relax, that’s Mykonos for me,’ she says.

So how is Zoella feeling about 2016? Well, it seems she’s determined to stay positive, finishing off with: ‘All I’m doing is being me, and 2016 will be the year I care less about what others think and focus more on things that make me happy.

> Zoella plans to focus on her loved ones in 2016


‘In 2016 I’ll be flushing out the people that don’t bring out the best in me or who have a negative effect on my life or wellbeing and focusing on those who make me laugh until my sides hurt.’

We’re so with you on that one, Zoe.