Why People Are Confused By Taylor Swift And Zayn’s ‘Music Video’

Um, pretty raunchy isn't it?!

So Zayn Malik shared a sneaky teaser video on Instagram yesterday of his and Taylor Swift’s new song, I Don’t Want To Live Forever. And it left some fans a little shocked.

If you’ve heard the song already (we mean, who hasn’t?), you’ll know that it’s pretty sexy in itself. But the music video to go with it? Pure filth.

Zayn posted the teaser clip on social media which contains some seriously steamy scenes from Fifty Shades Of Darker – the film whose soundtrack the song features on – but some fans got the wrong end of the stick and assumed it was Zayn and Taylor who were starring in the video.

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Cue some extremely shocked fans who thought they were watching Zayn and Tay (his girlfriend Gigi’s BFF) doing a lot of kissing and touching, as well as getting hot and heavy in the shower.

Of course, in fact, the lyric video posted by the former One Direction actually shows Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson playing their familiar roles of Christian Grey and Ana Steele in the latest Fifty Shades film installment. Phew!

taylor swift zayn malik

Things get pretty raunchy in Taylor and Zayn’s video clip…

And once the confusion was all cleared up, it only left fans even more eager to see the official music video featuring Taylor and Zayn themselves.

‘I need an official music video!!! Not a lyric one. And with both Tay Tay and Zayn on it’, one fan commented.

‘Excited for the music video! I’ve never seen Taylor making a sexy music video’, said another.

Yep, we’re with you. Bring it on, you two.