Why Were Paramedics Rushed To Zayn Malik’s New Video Shoot?

A man on set of Zayn's new I Don't Want To Live Forever shoot reportedly passed out in London yesterday...

Zayn Malik had a bit of a scare yesterday whilst filming his new video for I Don’t Want To Live Forever after paramedics were called to the set.

Photos taken from the set in London showed the singer looking dapper in a suit as he threw brooding looks to the camera in the rain. But according to sources, filming soon took a sombre turn when police and paramedics were rushed to the scene.

Crikey! Did Zayn suffer from an injury? Is he okay? Well, Zayn fans can rest assured, as actually the singer was totally unharmed.

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According to Mail Online, filming of the video was halted near Kings Cross after a man collapsed and passed out on set. The unnamed man was then given oxygen before being taken away in an ambulance. A witness told the site: ‘It happened about 11 or 11.30pm. The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes. An ambulance was called and the man was taken away in the back of it. Zayn came out and went into his trailer.’

Sounds pretty scary – we hope the man has since recovered.

Despite I Don’t Want To Live Forever being a collaboration with Zayn and Taylor Swift, no one actually saw Taylor filming with Zayn yesterday.

An onlooker told Sun Online: ‘We saw Zayn walking towards the set and him recording a take outside but we had no chance to see Taylor.’

taylor swift

Taylor’s team was reportedly in London filming but has yet to be seen…

‘Her management team were at the hotel but there was no sign of her – not even any pictures of her in London.’

According to the onlooker, Zayn’s shoot went on for over three hours but Zayn was only seen outside for 30 minutes.

‘There were some expensive cars, fake fog and fake rain outside’, the onlooker said. ‘The rain and smoke went on for hours but Zayn’s take didn’t last long at all before he went back inside to carry on filming.’

We can’t wait to see the end result!