Zayn Malik Sends A Sweet Twitter Message To Gigi Hadid

Well. We think it’s safe to say that Zayn Malik is one smitten kitten.

The 23-year-old singer has been dating Gigi Hadid since the end of last year – and he certainly isn’t afraid to show how much she means to him.

Zayn melted everyone’s hearts when he posted a stunning black and white Twitter shot of Gigi yesterday, which showed the 20-year-old model laughing in a secluded field.

> Zayn Malik shared this gorgeous snap of Gigi Hadid


Gigi was working a side-plunging maxi dress and was shrugging a lightweight cardigan off her shoulders in the snap. And looked smokin’, obvs.

Zayn was clearly impressed with what he saw, writing the adorable caption: ‘Saw your face and got inspired,’ alongside the flirty winky face emoji.

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> Gigi Hadid got raunchy in the video for Zayn Malik’s debut single Pillowtalk


It seems Gigi’s been Zayn’s inspiration for a while now. She appeared in the video for his debut solo single Pillowtalk, where we saw her straddling him before giving him a big ol’ snog.

She’ll most likely have been on hand for support this week as well, what with him dropping new track Like I Would yesterday.

The song’s released caused a huge stir on Twitter, with many complimenting it on its R&B beat and soulful vocals.

> Zayn Malik released new track Like I Would yesterday


But unfortunately for Zayn, he also received some comments we CAN’T imagine he was impressed with. Because some listeners couldn’t help drawing comparisons with his old band One Direction.

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They reckoned Like I Would had similarities to 1D’s I Would, which features on their 2012 record Take Me Home.

> Zayn Malik left One Direction in March 2015


Tweets included: ‘Who else was thinking that zayn’s new single was an updated version of i would by one direction????’ and: ‘Zayn’s new song sounds like something I’ve heard before. It’s called “I Would” by One Direction [sic].’

In case you haven’t heard the tunes, Zayn’s includes the lyrics: ‘He won’t love you like I would,’ while 1D’s has the words: ‘Would he love you like I would?’



Hmmm. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt it’s gonna be one huge hit.