Zayn Malik Throws Wild House Party For His 21st Birthday

Zayn Malik celebrated reaching the milestone age of 21 yesterday with a sneaky house party at his over the weekend. Er, where was our invite?!

The One Direction birthday boy was joined by bandmate Liam Payne and a gaggle of mates at his swanky London pad, where the revellers quickly took to Twitter to excitedly let slip where the party was at.

Spilling the beans about Zayn’s whereabouts on his special night, one posted: ‘Tonight is going to be a big night!!’, before his friend exposed the speedy rate of alcohol consumption going down at Malik’s gaff. ‘As if I’m smashed in Zayns house’, he tweeted.

But it looks like the Bradford boy’s carefully-selected guestlist meant that a few party crashers had to resort to alternative methods of gaining entry to Zayn’s birthday booze-up.

Ditching all regard for health and safety, one of Payne’s close pals wrote: ‘LOL as if we’ve just jumped Zane’s fence to his house o.0’. Hmm. Why didn’t we think of that?

The One Direction boys also took to Twitter to publically declare their birthday love for their soon-to-be-wed bandmate Zayn, who is engaged to Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards.

Niall Horan, who apparently ditched the bash to spend his Saturday watching football in bed (naughty Niall!), tweeted: ‘Happy 21st birthday to my brother ! Love you Man!’.

Party pal Liam also posted as he left, ‘@zaynmalik happy birthday bro have a good one tomorrow thanks for having us sorry haven’t got ur num in this phone so had to say it here’.

Cute. We’re presuming the silence from Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson meant that they bombarded him with birthday texts instead?

Happy 21st, Mr Malik!

By Robyn Munson

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