People Were Worried Before Zayn’s Gig On The US Voice

Say what you want about Zayn Malik, but you can’t deny that he totally slays as a soloist.

The 23-year-old appeared on the finale of The US Voice last night, where he treated America to a performance of his new single Like I Would.

He brought the track’s trippy video to life, standing in the middle of a spotlight while surrounded by moving laser lights.



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Zayn looked smokin’ hot in his now-signature leather jacket (and designer stubble) – and it’s safe to say that viewers were pretty impressed.

Tweets included: ‘Zayn looked and sounded so good on the voice!!! I’m happy!!!’ and: ‘Anything Zayn touches is amazing so his Like I Would performance was flawless!’



Fans were particularly happy that the ex-One Direction singer had whacked out some of his signature high notes.

One wrote: ‘The passion and and his high notes are amazing,’ while another said: ‘Zayn nailed his performance! those falsetto and high notes.’

But according to reports, Zayn almost never made it onto The Voice at all.



Hours before the show began, rumours emerged that he’d pulled out of the gig, having allegedly failed to show up to rehearsals. Eek.

Of course, this left people a little worried, both for his wellbeing and the fact that producers would need to find a replacement in an incredibly short space of time.



We’re not sure where the stories came from, but we’re guessing someone had got it wrong. Because as you can see, he was all present and correct.

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However, you’d have been excused for believing the reports. Zayn did cancel an appearance on The Graham Norton Show in January, just days before pulling out of an interview on BBC Radio 1.



Explaining his absence on Graham’s sofa, a representative explained at the time: ‘Zayn is currently in the studio completing his album.’

Let’s hope yesterday’s gig marks the end of his no-shows, eh?