Did Zayn Malik’s Sister Throw Shade At Gigi Hadid?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid fans got into quite a frenzy yesterday over an innocent Instagram photo posted on Zayn’s sister Waliyha’s page.

The 16-year-old have a shout-out to her gorgeous cousin Sarooha, who had posted a selfie of herself working fierce brows and a dark, ’90s lip that was on point.

But after fans quickly pointed out that she looked a little like Gigi, a response comment from Zayn’s other sister, Safaa, caused a bit of drama.

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safaa malik See the Instagram comment that caused *all* the drama…


‘She does not look like that girl at all lol’, 13-year-old Safaa wrote underneath the comparison comments.

Using the words ‘that girl’ to seemingly refer to Gigi led to many fans assuming that Safaa was perhaps not a fan of her big brother’s new girlfriend. To make matters worse, many fans also pointed out that the Maliks always seemed to be pretty close to ex Perrie Edwards.

gigi hadid selfie Many fans thought Zayn’s cousin’s make-up looked a little like Gigi’s


However, Safaa soon cleared up any rumours by setting the record straight. And no, she was NOT throwing shade at all. She was actually replying to another comment that had compared her cousin to a YouTuber called Andrea Russett, thank you very much.

‘I wasn’t actually talking about Gig’, she explained. ‘I said she doesn’t look like ‘that girl’ referring to @andrearussett and if you didn’t realise I do follow Gigi on Instagram so if you wouldn’t mind minding your own business because you look like a pathetic low life starting on a child.’

Well, that’s cleared that one up then. There’s nothing but love for Zigi after all. Yay!

safaa malik Safaa set the record straight with a follow up comment explaining her words…