Zayn Just Made A *Huge* Change To Relationship With Gigi Hadid

This is a pretty major change to Gigi and Zayn's relationship...

It’s the golden rule of body ink- if you don’t fancy any major-regret, it’s probably wise to avoid getting a partners name tattooed on you.

(Unless you’re in a relationship with Tom Hardy or something. Then you should definitely get that inked for all the world to see and ASAP.)

Anyway- Zayn Malik certainly didn’t pay any attention to this rule of tattoo thumb, having gone an *entire* step further and got a portrait of his former fiancee permanently inked on his upper arm…

Can you spot the lil’ Perrie Edwards?!

And so, with Perrie and Zayn calling off their engagement last year, things have probably been a teeny tiny bit awks for Gigi Hadid, the current girlfriend of Zayn, having to clad eyes on that great big tatt every day and all.

squish ya

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However, it appears that Zayn has now bid a final farewell to *all* traces of Perrie- having seemingly had the portrait covered up.

In a recent Snapchat from Gigi, Zayn is cooking chicken. Sounds like a regular night in, right? Well,  a nifty zoom will show what appears to be the work of a touch-up tatt…

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So we guess this means it really *is*curtains for Zayn and Perrie, then.

In all honesty, we knew it was all over a good year ago but ya’know- doesn’t stop you wondering ‘what if’, right?!

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And despite being kinda sad to wave a final goodbye to Zerrie, we’re also pretty thrilled for Gigi and Zayn- as this definitely marks a new milestone in their relationship…

The pair, who became an item at the start of this year, had us worried when talk of a break-up began circulating the press in June.

The reports had alluded to the pair having temporarily broken up, with a source allegedly telling E! News that despite the split they were ‘likely get back together tomorrow’.

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Despite the rumoured glitch in their romance, however, things are currently looking great for Zigi.  In fact, just this week it was being reported that Zayn had invited his girlfriend to move in with him!

Which, you know, basically means they’re going to get married and have lots of babies. Naww.

Alice Perry