There’s Something Awkward About Zayn Malik’s Beach Photo

Zayn Malik’s latest Instagram snaps have certainly got people talking.

The 23-year-old shared some super-cute photos of himself with his family yesterday, which showed them enjoying a day out by the sea. Aw.

Zayn Malik was enjoying the sun with his family yesterday


A particularly sweet shot showed Zayn with his sisters Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa and his mum Tricia.

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The girls were all dressed in comfy beachwear, while Zayn had gone topless to soak up the sun.

This photo showed Zayn Malik with his loved ones


Of course, fans were rather impressed with this lack of clothing. Comments included: ‘He looks fire here,’ ‘Babe,’ and: ‘I love you so much.’

Others just thought it was adorable that Zayn was hanging out with his loved ones.

One wrote: ‘You and the family look so grown up now… Can’t believe the journey they’ve been through w you [sic],’ while another said: ‘what even is this perfect fam?’

Ah. So *there’s* that tattoo of Perrie Edwards…


However, eagle-eyed followers couldn’t help noticing a rather awkward addition to the image… Zayn’s tattoo of his ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards. Oo-er.

Messages included: ‘Wait he still has the tattoo of PERRIE?!?!’ ‘He’s still got Perrie on his arm?’ and: ‘Showing off that perrie tattoo.’

The inking shows Perrie Edwards sporting a beanie


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Basically, when Zayn was still with the Little Mix singer, he had a large portrait of her etched onto his upper arm. Ah, the follies of youth…

Zayn Malik is a big tattoo fan. Here he is getting a leg etching with Perrie Edwards back in 2013


The inking shows Perrie, 22, clad in a beanie and a crop top. And it’s a pretty good likeness, so there’s no denying that it’s her.

Zayn is now dating American model Gigi Hadid, and after his and Perrie’s split last summer, it was rumoured that he was having his body art removed.

Zayn Malik is now dating Gigi Hadid


But it seems he hasn’t decided to undergo any laser treatment just yet.

Let’s hope Gigi’s not bothered, eh?!