Zayn Malik Denies ‘Naked’ Tweet Was About Perrie Edwards

Right. So we need to talk about Zayn Malik’s Tweets last night.

The 23-year-old singer got us all confused when he took to the site to muse: ‘Love how people feel liberated naked .. Read a book liberate your brain [sic].’

He then clarified: ‘This is not shade …’

> Zayn Malik’s Tweets were *all* kinds of confusing


But, of course, basically every Little Mix fan on the planet assumed that it WAS shade. More specificially, shade thrown at his ex Perrie Edwards.

Why’s this? Because earlier in the day, Perrie had spoken out to defend claims that the group’s outfits are too ‘raunchy’ for their young fans.

> Little Mix were accused of looking too ‘sexy’ for their young fans


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LM recently set off on their Get Weird tour, where their stage outfits have consisted of crop tops, cut-outs, hot pants and leotards. Miaow.

Perrie, 22, told the Daily Mirror: ‘We wear what we feel comfortable in. We’re not overly sexy in what we do anyway. We go for sexy/cute. We’d never want to be ­scandalous.’

> Perrie Edwards says she and her bandmates have ‘sexy/cute’ style


However, others assumed that Zayn was weighing on the naked selfie debate that Kim Kardashian kicked off last week.

Whatever he meant, Zayn seemed keen to end speculation that he was making a jibe at Pezza, later clarifying: ‘Love .. liberate yourself with education and learn to love everyone’s expression..

‘I said love how exactly is that shade ? Explanation done.’

> Was Zayn Malik referring to Kim Kardashian’s now-infamous naked selfie?


He then re-Tweeted a message from a fan, which read: ‘I think what Zayn meant to say was he loves that people feel liberated naked and the people who shame them should liberate their brain.’

So that’s all sorted, yeah? Nope. Things didn’t end there – Zayn’s current girlfriend Gigi Hadid also ended up getting involved. Crikey.

> Gigi Hadid’s also spoken out about the sitch


When a follower told her she should ‘take Zayn’s phone away,’ she replied: ‘? I’d agree that anyone who doesn’t love seeing someone feel liberated, in however way they chose, needs to be more open minded [sic].’

> Gigi Hadid appears to be supporting her boyf


This is all too much for our brains to handle on a Wednesday morning.