Is Zayn Malik *Really* ‘Evicting’ Perrie Edwards’ Mum?

Remember when Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were still loved-up and planning their wedding? Ah, it feels so long ago.

But if you cast your mind back, you’ll recall that the pair were actually together for four years. And in those four years, they did some pretty sweet things for each other.

One of those things involved Zayn, 23, buying a house for Pezza’s mum Debbie. Back in 2014, he reportedly splashed out £250,000 on a three-bed bungalow in Dorset.

> Perrie Edwards is very close to her mum Debbie



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Cute, right? But according to The Sun, he’s now kicking Debbie out of the property, so he can ‘properly move on from his relationship’. Erm.

A source tells the newspaper: ‘Zayn wants Debbie out. He has told her he wants the house back and ordered her to leave. He wants rid of every last trace of Perrie from his life.

> Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were together for four years


Claiming that he’s even threatened legal action if Perrie’s mum refuses to leave, the insider continues: ‘He has issued Debbie with an ultimatum – get out or he will take her to court.

‘She is still living in the house right now but because it is registered in his name she has no hope of beating him in a legal battle. She’s going to have to move out.’

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Think this all sounds a bit crazy? Well according to Zayn, it is.

A representative for the ex-One Direction singer has clarified: ‘Debbie is still living in the house. Zayn has very generously allowed her to live there for the past couple of years.

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‘But she’s buying a house with her boyfriend so will be moving out once it completes.’

Perrie declined to comment, but it sounds like both parties are on the same page. Phew.