Zayn Malik’s Solo Album Is A Lot About ‘Falling Out Of Love’

Um. Did Zayn Malik just hint that he ‘fell out of love’ with his ex Perrie Edwards?

As you all know, the 23-year-old singer ended his engagement to Little Mix girl Perrie, 22, last summer.

> Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were engaged before their break-up


They’ve both kept schtum on the reason for their break-up, but now Zayn’s opened up about how his romantic life affected the writing of his solo album Mind Of Mine.

Speaking to Complex magazine about how many of the tracks are about love and heartbreak, he says: ‘There’s a good ratio of both.

‘There’s a lot of falling in love and a lot of falling out of love. It’s probably 60/40, falling out of love.

> Zayn Malik was with Perrie Edwards for four years


‘I feel like you get creative with things when you can be honest. Whether that’s positive or negative, it can work both ways.

‘If you’re in a really good place, you can write a really good, upbeat song. When you’re in a s*** place, you can write a downbeat f***ing ballad!

‘That’s just the way it is. But I feel like you can draw good creative things from both.’

> Zayn Malik’s new music is clearly very personal to him


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Hmmm. Well, whatever happened between the pair, it sounds as though Zayn’s trying to avoid the same thing happening with his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Asked how he deals with being in such a high-profile relationship, he explains: ‘I try to keep the two very separate. I try to, as much as I can. But there’s only so much you can do.

> Zayn Malik went public with Gigi Hadid at the end of last year


‘I’m learning to deal with it. It’s just one of those things now, in the background. I just leave it as a bit of a noise in the background.’

But despite wanting to keep things with Gigi on the downlow, Zayn was happy to be seen smooching his stunning lady in the video for his debut single Pillowtalk.


Gigi Hadid Appears In Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk Video

> Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid got *pretty* steamy in the video for Pillowtalk


We saw the pair put on a very amorous display for the cameras. But apparently, that wasn’t even planned. He continues: ‘We were just messing around.

‘It wasn’t even, like, part of the shoot. You know when they say “action?” They didn’t do that. It was just rolling.’

> Yep. We said it was steamy…


Crikey. Looks like they’re pretty into each other then, eh?