Can YOU Read Zayn Malik’s Debut Album Tracklist?

Zayn Malik has dropped another piece of the jigsaw that is his debut solo album.

Yup, fans woke up to the artwork and tracklist for his upcoming record Mind Of Mine, which is expected to be released on the 25th March.

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With one swift upload to his Instagram account, the 23-year-old sent the internet into a frenzy. But the former One Direction singer probably wasn’t quite expecting some of the feedback that rippled across the world wide web.


One glance at the song list and you can see that Zayn’s decided on very, erm, unconventional spelling.

Using a mix of capital letters and lower case letters (as well as substituting a letter for a number – we see you, ‘Pillowt4lk’), his fans were quick to comment. 

One wrote, ‘WhY dOeS hE tYpE liKe THis’.

A few more comments included: ‘he spells like my mum texts’ and ‘Bro wtf is going on with those capital letters are you okay’. 

Another fan simply said, ‘I can’t read it’.

We were reminded of our MSN username days, and it seems that Capital Radio was on the same wavelength, tweeting this reaction: 




Well, you’ve definitely got us all talking, Zayn. 

Some 1D fans noticed something pretty emotional about the release date, noting that it’s almost exactly one year after that he announced his departure from the world famous boy band. 

Comments included, ‘March 25! That’s when he left omg feels’ and ‘He’s releasing the album on the day he left 1D ughh *cries*’. 


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One thing’s for sure, Zayn’s fans are all counting down the days until Mind Of Mine is released.

And we’re not far behind them.