Zayn Malik’s Got An Instagram Twin, And He’s Hella Hot

Zayn Malik fans, we’ve got a treat for you. Because what if we told you there was a hanfsome fella on Instagram who looks exactly like him?!

Yep, it’s time to get adding Shyan Ranje (@shyanhm), because he is the total spit of the former One Direction hunk.

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> Instagram: @shyanhm


We don’t know whether it’s the razor sharp cheekbones, the chocolate brown eyes, the moody glare or the bleach blonde hair, but there’s something about Shyan that SCREAMS Mr Malik.

> Instagram: @shyanhm


It doesn’t help that he’s also got a penchant for distressed leather jackets, ripped denim and man jewellery – he’s even got that brooding Zayn pose nailed.

So, does Shyan have a job apart from being the most convincing Zayn lookalike on the planet? Well, yes, he’s a junior editor/stylist based in LA, and already boatss 14k Instagram followers.

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> Separated at birth?


We wonder why…

Zayn’s not the only famous face with a doppleganger, either – Kim Kardashian recently took a selfie with her twin, Kamilla Osman, who looks scarily like the glamorous reality TV star.

> Instagram: @shyanhm


And what about Adele’s striking Instagram twin, Swedish make-up artist Ellinor Hellbor?

Maybe we all have a twin out there. We wonder if we’ll ever meet ours…

> Instagram: @shyanhm