Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Pucker Up On Instagram

Zayn Malik sure seems to be putting a HUGE smile on Gigi Hadid’s face. 

Things just keep getting hotter and hotter for this couple. 

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In a sizzling new Instagram photo posted to the Pillowtalk singer’s account, Zayn can be seen planting a great big smacker onto his model girlfriend’s lips, and much to her delight if that grin is anything to go by.

We don’t blame you, Gigi.  

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As if this adorable snap isn’t enough to make our hearts burst, Zayn and Gigi have also been hanging out on Snapchat again.

Aw. Just LOOK at them.  

Zayn started off being pretty coy about his relationship with the supermodel but, judging by these moments of PDA, it looks like he’s becoming much more keen to show her off to his fans. 


The pair got pretty steamy in the music video for his debut solo single, sharing their first snog for the cameras, but Zayn didn’t actually confirm that they were officially together until a week later during a radio interview. 

Since then, according to E! News, an insider has revealed that ‘Zayn and Gigi are getting serious.’ Oooh. 

We have to say, they’re fast becoming one of our FAVOURITE celebrity couples. 

Show us the love, guys.