Zayn Malik’s Cousin Apologises For, Er, Listening To A Little Mix Song

But she DOES seem to have confirmed Shout Out To My Ex is about Zayn...

Zayn Malik’s cousin Sasha is feeling the wrath of One Direction fans right now.

Why? Because apparently, she Tweeted and deleted the lyrics to Little Mix’s #1 hit Shout Out To My Ex. Y’know, the one that’s supposed to be about Zayn. Eep.

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Very excited to be back with new music! #shoutouttomyex Out 16.10.16! Hope you all love it as much as we do! 💜💗

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TBH, the lyrics are a little shady. In one line, Zayn’s ex-fiancé Perrie Edwards belts out: ‘Heard he in love with some other chick, yeah yeah that hurt me I’ll admit, forget that boy I’m over it.

‘I hope she gettin’ better sex, Hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe.’

In another part, the 23-year-old sings: ‘Took four long years to call it quit, forget that boy I’m over it.

Perrie Edwards has been single since her split from Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik split in 2015

‘Guess I should say thank you, for the “hate yous” and the tattoos. Oh baby I’m cool by the way, ain’t sure I loved you anyway.’

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This could quite easily be about Zayn and his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid. We mean, Zayn’s covered in tatts, and he and Perrie were together for four years…

zayn malik gigi hadid

Zayn Malik is now loved-up with model Gigi Hadid

But we still think it’s a little ridiculous that Sasha was criticised for listening to a song. Which happens to be on the radio ALL THE TIME, might we add.

After learning of the backlash, Sasha ended up responding: ‘Apologies to those genuinely offended by my tweet. I understand that it was easily misunderstood. no shade though, ever. ✌🏼️.

‘However, I will not hate on a person for having a past with a relative of mine. both of them have now moved on. the world should too.

‘The fact that the song is about zayn doesn’t cross my mind when I listen to it. to me, it’s just a song [sic].’

That’s kinda a confirmation that the track was penned with Zayn in mind, right? But it’s also clear that the Malik family aren’t fussed.

So let’s all leave Sasha alone now, yeah?