Zayn’s New Song Provokes A *Huge* Twitter Reaction

Zayn Malik sent Twitter a little crazy by dropping his new single BeFoUr last night.

The 23-year-old debuted the cool R&B track alongside the record’s artwork, which showed a close-up of his back tattoo in an arty black and white shot.

Zayn Malik BeFoUr Zayn Malik also released the artwork for BeFoUr


As expected, fans immediately flooded Zayn with praise over his latest offering. And there was one part that really seemed to excite them.

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Remember how the Bradford bad boi was famed for his high notes during his time with One Direction? Well, they’re back. Ooh.

Zayn Malik BeFoUr


At precisely two minutes and 16 seconds into the song, he cuts clean through the synths and drums with a seriously impressive falsetto.

Gushing messages included: ‘Zayn’s high note in BeFoUr… I’ve never screamed so late at this hour,’ and: ‘Zayn’s high note in BeFoUr bye i’m dead.’

But some people couldn’t help reading a little more into Zayn’s moody ditty.

Zayn Malik BeFoUr Zayn Malik quit One Direction last year


There have been suggestions that BeFoUr may make more than a few references to Zayn’s past life with his 1D bandmates.

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Some have even described it as an ‘open letter’ to the band.

Zayn Malik BeFoUr


For example, the lyric: ‘I’m gonna stay in my zone,’ has been linked to the fact that he’s had more creative control since going solo last March.

‘No strings for you to pull on’ could have a similar double meaning, in that he’s no longer a ‘puppet’ for the pop industry.

Zayn Malik BeFoUr


Oh. And let’s talk about that capped-up F and U in the title. Could that possibly be a big ol’ ‘f*** you’ to someone? Hmmm…

Whatever the case, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be one huge hit.

Listen to BeFoUr below…