Zayn Malik Pulls Out Of His Second Interview In A Week

There’s no denying that Zayn Malik’s solo career is going pretty blimmin’ well so far.

The ex-One Direction singer dropped his INSANELY catchy R&B track Pillowtalk last week, which was #1 on the mid-week chart yesterday.

It’s also hit iTunes #1 in over 60 countries. Impressive, right?

Zayn Malik's Pillowtalk Pillowtalk has been a *huge* success so far


But there’s one teeny thing that Zayn appears to be a little slack at – turning up for interviews. Tut tut.

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After dropping out of The Graham Norton Show last week, the 23-year-old is reported to have cancelled his slot on Greg James’ Radio 1 show yesterday.

Greg James Zayn Malik was due to appear on Greg James’ Radio 1 show


Fans were already lining up outside the building when he allegedly bailed on Greg, less than an hour before he was supposed to go on air. Eek.

An insider told MailOnline: ‘Radio 1 has supported Zayn from day one so it’s very disappointing for all the UK fans not to see him.

Zayn Malik Fans are pretty disappointed with Zayn Malik’s no-show


‘They had so many people outside the studios and Greg had some big surprises lined up.’

As expected, Zayn’s Zquad were more than a little gutted at his no-show.

One Tweeted: ‘I’m waiting outside of bbc and u aren’t coming now this is depressing,’ while another wrote: ‘you had us all waiting at BBC today and you never came.’

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid in the Pillowtalk video Gigi Hadid stars in Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk video


Others were worried about what it was that caused him to drop out at the last minute.

However, we’re guessing it had something to do with scheduling issues. Zayn is a busy boy right now, with the next stop on his Pillowtalk promotional tour believed to be the States.

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Graham Norton Zayn Malik pulled out of The Graham Norton Show last week


This was also the reason he gave for missing Graham Norton. A representative for Zayn explained at the time: ‘Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts with recording commitments, Zayn’s appearance on Graham Norton has been postponed.’

Ah, Zayn. While we miss your dulcet Bradford tones, we guess we can make do with having Pillowtalk on repeat for now…