Zayn Malik And Azealia Banks Fall Out On Twitter

Woah. So we didn’t see Zayn Malik And Azealia Banks’ argument coming.

It all kicked off last night on Twitter when Azealia seemed to take objection with Zayn’s new Like I Would video, which he dropped yesterday.

In the video, the former One Direction singer is seen working one orange eye and an LED-lit suit to give off a futuristic vibe – but apparently, these were Banks’ ideas first.

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Posting a photo comparing her Yung Rapunxel video with Malik’s new release, Azealia wrote: ‘Damn Zayn be mood boarding the f**k of out me. I’m not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie.’

Zayn then appeared to reply to the rapper’s plagiarism claims by sending out a string of tweets a short time later.




‘No lies… I see you reaching but I don’t care’, he tweeted, followed up with: ‘My @’s too good for you.’

And that’s when things took a seriously nasty turn. Clearly angered, Banks then went on a foul-mouthed tirade, throwing out a whole host of horrible racial slurs against Zayn that are quite frankly, too gross to repeat.

A confused Zayn simply replied: ‘@AZEALIABANKS why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn’t talking about you lol?’




Even Capital FM got involved, by posting this in reference to the huge online Twitter beef that was playing out:

Azealia then turned her attentions to the UK radio station, replying with yet more horrific comments stereotyping British people, and even calling Zayn a ‘refugee’. Wow.



What was most surprising about this whole angry tirade is that Twitter didn’t take any action against Azealia over her horrific racial and homophobic slurs.

And it’s not the first time she’s done it, either – Banks has also attacked Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Kendrick Lamar and Rita Ora before in a similar manner.

Let’s hope someone puts an end to this, fast.