Zara Tells Us How She *Really* Feels About The Islanders

We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve been totally sucked into the world of Love Island.

Yup, it’s official, we’re hooked.

So we couldn’t wait to catch up with Zara Holland, after her time on the show was sadly cut short due to her Mum being ill.

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Looking back on your time on the island and the men that you liked, how do you feel about them now?

‘Do you know what? Everyone in there is great, like I said, we’re like a little family.

‘But I think I’m just unlucky in love, really. I went in to Love Island to find love, I wasn’t really on the dating scene or anything like that but yeah, I’m still unlucky in love and that’s that really.’

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Has your opinion of Adam changed since you’ve come out – he wasn’t much of a gentleman to Liana?

‘I can just take people as I find them.

‘Adam, when I was in the villa, he was lovely, he really was and he gave me a lot of advice, so [I think you have to] judge people as you find them and not how you see them.’

What will you be doing in terms of moving forward, will you be dating or taking some time out?

‘Definitely take some time out!

‘Right now I just want to be there for my Mum and just have a bit of Zara time. I want to thank all the amazing public for their support and I’m going to try and reply to every single one, it might take me a couple of years but to say that I’ve done it.’

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Did you hear Sophie’s speech in support of you?

‘Sophie’s speech was amazing, love the girl to bits, she hit the nail on the head.’

Will you be keeping in contact with your Love Island friends?

‘I’ll be keeping in contact with everyone, I love them all, I miss them so much.’

Even Dan?

‘Do you know what Dan sent me a message, he sent me a video message publically on Twitter when it was announced that I was out and that was really nice of him.

‘Dan and I were never romantically connected at all.’

Who would you vote to win?

‘Can I not vote for all of them?’


‘Do you know what? I’ll be honest I love Cara and Nathan!’

By Olivia Foster