Where *Was* Zara Holland During Love Island’s Wrap Party?

In case you missed it, last night was the Love Island wrap party.

Yup, to celebrate the end (still sobbing) of one DRAMATIC series, the cast and crew joined together for a night of dancing and reminiscing.

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>Alex and Olivia were as loved-up as ever


The islanders treated us to a series of Snapchats and selfies, you know, just to feed our Love Island addiction even more.

But there appeared to be one very important person missing from the line-up. WHERE was Zara Holland?


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The former Miss GB didn’t appear in any of the photographs with the rest of the crew, and she wasn’t dancing around with them in any of the Snapchat videos, either.

Eagle-eyed fans (us included, we won’t lie) were very quick to notice her absence, with many taking to Twitter to ask her what was going on.

>Zara has met up with Rachel Fenton since being home… 


Comments included: ‘Where’s Zara? Can’t see her in anyone’s snap chat?’ and ‘Why is @zaraholland11 not at the wrap party? #LoveIsland’ [sic].

Well. She’s just broken her silence on the whole thing, explaining to her fans that she did indeed miss the bash, and the real reason why.



She explained, ‘Morning everyone! I had a really bad migraine Wednesday night/ yesterday, that’s why I was not at the wrap party for everyone asking’.

Oh no 🙁

We really hope you get well soon, girl.