Zara Holland Opens Up About *That* Night With Alex Bowen

The Love Island lady admits that losing her Miss Great Britain title was 'awful'...

We’re still reeling from Love Island‘s Zara Holland being stripped of her Miss Great Britain title.

The 20-year-old lost her crown after a night of romance with Alex Bowen, a move which many people (including the LOOK team) thought was sexist and outdated.

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Zara Holland

Zara Holland lost her Miss GB title while in the villa

She’s now opened up about that night, which began when she received a text telling her she could take one of the then-newbies out for a date.

She chose Alex – who’s since made things official with fellow Islander Olivia Buckland – because he ‘seemed very nice’ and ‘very genuine’. But she admits that things went a little further than expected after they got a tad merry.

Zara tells The Guardian: ‘Everyone else was very much a couple; they had sex in the communal bedroom. I had to sit there and watch.

Zara Holland and Alex Bowen

Zara got cosy with Alex in the Love Island hideaway

‘I know I can’t mix my drinks. I let my family down. I let my mum down. I broke my promise. It was very out of character.’

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Zara discovered that she was no longer Miss GB while on the programme, continuing: ‘The producers told me off camera. They read out an official statement that had been posted on Twitter.

Zara was devastated when she learnt that she'd lost her title

Zara was devastated when she learnt that she’d lost her title

‘Everybody had read this before me. I was the last person to know. I couldn’t have an opinion, I couldn’t say my say. Nothing. That’s what hurt. That was awful. They couldn’t even pick up the phone to tell me.

‘It’s really opened my eyes. I feel… I’m just heartbroken, because the Miss Great Britain title meant the world to me.

‘Alex did come over and say: “I’m sorry,” which was quite nice, because no one told him to.’


However, she’s still furious that Alex got away scot-free – and is now adamant that she doesn’t want her title back.

She says: ‘There has been no mention of Alex. There was nothing. It was all me. It was all “the girl”. The heartache and the heartbreak and everything I’ve gone through: how you put it right, I don’t know.

‘It’s amazing how in a few seconds your whole life can change.’