Zac Efron Rushed To Hospital After Nasty Accident

Zac Efron hasn’t been having an easy ride of late – just as he was getting back on the mend after his stint in rehab earlier this year, he’s now been checked into hospital for a second time, but for an entirely different drama…

The 26-year-old High School Musical heartthrob is thought to have broken his jaw after slipping on a puddle of water in his Hollywood home. Not only that, but the beautiful Efron’s break was so serious he’s now reportedly had his jaw wired shut, Kanye West-style… Sounds nasty!

A source told on Tuesday: ‘Zac Efron came into the ER yesterday because he apparently collapsed. He was there for ten hours.’

The handsome actor’s now resting up as he recovers from his injuries, which also involved a few cracked bones, meaning his promo work on new movie That Awkward Moment (in which he gets TOTALLY NAKED) have been postponed.

Poor poppet. Still, bet he won’t be short of willing night nurses…

By Robyn Munson

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