Zac Efron Is Forced To Apologise Over Badly Timed Tweet

Zac Efron made a bit of a boo boo on Twitter on Monday.

The Bad Grandma star decided to pay his respects on the special US holiday – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – by sending out a tweet to all of his fans.

‘I’m grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG’, the 28-year-old posted.

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> Zac has since deleted the tweet and apologised to his fans…


Whilst both points deserve their own mention, and carry a sweet sentiment, many people thought it just didn’t quite sit right that Zac had put the two milestones together, and had merged his own personal achievement with the birthday of one of the most famous Civil Rights acitivists of our time.

And they weren’t afraid to let him know it. 

‘This is one of the most offensive/diminishing/disrespectful things anyone has said in relation to MLK today. Get over yourself,’ one angry user wrote.

>Instagram..." class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="Zac and girfriend Sami Miro pose for a cute selfie on Instagram..."> Zac and girfriend Sami Miro pose for a cute selfie on Instagram…


Another then pointed out: ‘Honey, you don’t put this is one tweet.’

Clearly, Zac soon realised his mistake, because he has now deleted the tweet and issued a statement of apology.

‘I have nothing but the greatest admiration & respect for MLK. My last post was insensitive & I apologize to anyone who I offended. So sorry’, he tweeted yesterday. 

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> Zac posted this message online to apologise to anyone who was offended by his tweet


We totally get why people were offended, but it’s clear the actor meant no harm.

Still, we guess when you’re boasting 11.4 million Twitter followers, you have to think A LOT harder about what’s filling up those 140 characters…

Learn for next time, eh Zac?

> Zac has recently been documenting his travels around the world on Instagram