There Is Actually Going To Be An Emoji Movie

Love emojis?! Well, you’ll soon be seeing a lot more of them.

It’s been reported by Deadline that they’re set to star in their very own movie, after Sony Pictures Animation bought the rights to feature them in a franchise.

Wowzers. Sony won in a three-studio auction to bring emojis to the silver screen. So this is big business.

This news isn’t entirely surprising – emojis have pretty much become part of our everyday language.

Just like the hashtag, we’ve come to use them fondly as a way of expressing our true feelings. And they’re so useful. Who doesn’t need a poo with a smiley face from time to time, eh? 

With Instagram opening the flood gates and allowing emojis to be used in hashtags – how did we ever cope before? – it’s now become even more important to choose your smiley wisely. 



A company called Curalate has done a study into the most Insta’ed emoticon.

The results may surprise you… 

10. In at number 10, we have the thumbs up. Handy. 

9. Following closely behind are the lips. Possibly due to the explosion of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge

8. The wink. Everyone likes to be a little cheeky once in a while. 

7. Twin hearts. Aw. 

6. The sunglasses face. Cool dude.  

5. Standard smiley face. 

4. Crying with laughter face. Our personal favourite. 

3. Blowing kisses face. 

2. Love eyes face. With all those filters flying about, Instagram can get a little flirty once in a while. 

1. The love heart.

Yes, that’s right, the top emoji is the one of love. 




And it doesn’t stop at Instagram, oh no. 

Experts at SwiftKey have analysed the use of emojis across different languages too. 

>Is it a poo? Or is it an ice cream?


Not surprisingly, the French speaking are the romantics, sending more love hearts than any other nation. J’adore. 

English speakers, on the other hand, favour the poop emoji. The biggest use of the banana emoji is within the Italian language.

Now. What is YOUR most recent emoji? 

By Laura Jane Turner