Your Face Or Mine Is Returning And We’re Feeling All The Nostalgia

IT'S TRUE. Jimmy Carr is back with a fresh batch of brave, brave contestants...

Think back to your teenage years and you’ll probably remember coming home from school, ripping off your tie and sitting down to an episode of Hollyoaks.

But what else did you watch while your mum rustled up your Turkey Twizzler dinner (this was before Jamie Oliver, obvs)? – YOUR FACE OR MINE.

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Hosted by Jimmy Carr and June Sarpong, it was the brutal show that saw contestants choose who was the most attractive out of two (very awkward-looking) people.

At the end, they had to pick between two mystery faces. Despite their feigned surprise, this always turned out to be them. Oh, the 00s.

But if you thought YFOM was banished to the land of long-forgotten TV, you’re wrong. Because it’s COMING BACK, people.

Yep. Jimmy is returning alongside new presenter Katherine Ryan, with a ‘Tinder-inspired’ series set to be broadcast on Comedy Central this spring.

Jimmy’s previously said in a statement: ‘I’m delighted to be bringing back Your Face Or Mine to Comedy Central.

‘In an age when people are forever judging individuals on how they look, placing attractiveness on a pedestal above intelligence, and forcing others to fit societal norms of beauty, why not make them do all of those things, to their loved ones, on national television and for money?’

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Managing director of producers – Leon Wilson – adds: ‘We’re bringing this hugely popular and much loved game show bang up-to-date for the Tinder generation.

‘It’s a devilish format perfectly suited to today’s swipe-right, swipe-left society, and we’re delighted that Jimmy will be guiding us through it.’

We’re feeling the need to crack out our trucker hats and Ugg boots, stat.