Beyoncé Spent HOW Much On A Party For Her Tour Crew?

Beyoncé has been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks running the world on her Mrs. Carter tour, but our favourite diva still has time to party.

The all-round superwoman has reportedly blown £17,000 on a bash for her crew. The party, which took place on Sunday at the exclusive Andaz Hotel in London on Sunday night sounds pretty darn epic. A source told The Sun: “Between the lot of them they managed to drink their way through more than £17,000-worth of booze in just a few hours. They got stuck in as they knew they had a few days off afterwards. They were still in there at closing time at 4am.”

The source added: “‘They are only part-way through her ‘Mrs Carter’ tour, but the pressure was on in London and Beyoncé was chuffed they all helped her put on a good show. She wanted to say thanks to all the backing dancers, crew and everyone else involved with putting on the six shows.”

Aaaaw. Now there’s a woman truly in possession of a halo!

By Lucy Hancock, 9 May 2013

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